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Our team has combined 10+ years experience/education in Staffing & Recruiting and Technology with Masters level education in Engineering & Adult Education fields from world renowned universities such as Harvard University and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Management Team

Jordan Crews is the founder/CEO of Arena Group Management. He currently owns STEMtech LLC., a staffing and recruiting firm focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Before that he was a Training Director for a mid sized staffing firm in Georgia, training all recruiting and sales staff on technologies and the recruiting process for the IT/Engineering space.
Jordan holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Technologies from Southern New Hampshire University, and is pursuing Graduate level Degrees from Harvard University and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Founder & CEO

Jordan Crews

Our Purpose


“Develop and sustain relationships and connections that foster growth of innovation, by influencing the future of employment.”



Core values


  1. Our people are our passion.

    1. Support our employees professionally and personally to the best of our abilities.

    2. Treat our clients with the upmost respect, accurately representing them in all communication and transactions, and maintain the interests of all parties in all negotiations.

    3. Provide accurate and detailed information to each potential candidate, creating an open and positive partnership between our recruiters and the candidates we represent.

  2. Foster creativity to inspire innovative approaches to business practices.

    1. Utilize cutting edge technology which provides faster and more efficient results to our clients, and better matches to our candidates.

    2. Create a forward thinking and creative environment for our employees, which encourages idea sharing, effective processing, and unified progress across all aspects of our business.

  3. Support and grow the communities in which we operate, locally and in industry.

    1. Help nurture and create developmental STEM programs in the communities in which we operate and beyond.

    2. Provide accurate and timely information to all industry partners and promote an open source hiring network for the STEM community.

    3. Use our means to create a better more progressive local community in the Metro Atlanta Area, offering opportunity to those that might not otherwise have it.

  4. Devote ourselves to sustainable business practices.

    1. Utilize energy efficient business practices which foster and nourish sustainable business solutions internally and externally.

    2. Never stop innovating our business model towards renewable business practices.